Your baby is graduating!

So why are senior photos important?

If you are like many people today, you have lots of images of your kids growing up through the years. Some you have in print, some you have on your phone, some you have on your computer. So why is getting more photos of your child as a senior important? This is their last year as an adolescent and it’s the culmination of the last 12 years of hard work for both you and them. Regardless, if they are off to college after graduation or choose another path, this is their last year of high school where some of the biggest changes happen for them. Seniors should be celebrated for their achievements because let’s be honest, making it through high school is a massive accomplishment!

Hiring a photographer to capture images of your senior allows your senior to showcase their interests, accomplishments and talents during this time in their life, before everything changes for them and for you. Capturing images of them as a senior allows you to document their growth, accomplishments and one of the few remaining milestones they will have in their lifetime. The next time they have formal images captured may not be until their wedding.

Senior photos should capture your child’s personality. Unlike their yearbook photo, your child’s personality should shine through in their facial expressions and their clothing choices. This time is a transition from childhood to adulthood. I know this all too well as my son will be a senior in the next school year. I know I want to remember this time in his life as he completes his final year of school as a child and goes out into the world as an adult. 

If you are interested in capturing your senior’s final year of high school with beautiful images you can share via print products and digital files, contact me.