Your Investment

Session Fee

Each session is $199 + Tax

What's included?

Each session includes a pre-planning session, styling, and location consultation.

A fun and relaxing photography session 45 min- 60 min in duration.

An in-person viewing session of your hand-edited images

Assistance in choosing the prints and artwork to match your style and budget.

Social media images of any prints or artwork purchased.

Delivery of any prints or artwork purchased.

What is excluded?

Stress, anxiety and awkwardness after the first 20 min. It usually takes about that long to loosen up and relax.

High-resolution digital images.

Senior Sessions

Baltimore County MD Family Photographer

Outdoor Family Sunflower Session

How Am I Different?

I will meet with you several times throughout the process and you will know who I am prior to your session. Most photographers will only send you a gallery of your images for you to download. I have done this in the past, but most people didn't do anything with the images we worked so hard to create or became so overwhelmed with choices they couldn't decide what to do with them. One of my favorite parts of the process is seeing your reaction to your images. During your in-person viewing session, I will help you choose which images you would like to transform into artwork. I will also help you determine what sizes and material would make your artwork stand out but, still fit into your home's decor and budget.

Halethorpe MD Couples Photographer

Outdoor Session