The Benefits of Professional Prints

You found a great location, selected the perfect outfits, found an amazing photographer and your session went off without a hitch. You love so many of the images in your digital gallery you are having a hard time choosing just a few. You finally get them narrowed down to your absolute favorites! Now to decide if you are going to print them or leave them on a computer, thumb drive or memory card.

There are a lot of choices to be made before, during, and after your photography session. The decision to print your images shouldn’t be one of them. Getting your images printed will enhance the décor in your home, helps the subjects of the images build confidence, gives the subjects a feeling of belonging and a sense of inclusion. Getting images printed provides something tangible for people to view and experience and those prints can last for generations.

You decide you are going to get some images printed, but now what? Where do you go?

You send them to your local pharmacy or big box store because they are the cheapest places to print them. All of the investment in time, money and effort comes to fruition when you get them in and open the prints only to realize they aren’t what you envisioned. The colors are a little off, the sharpness isn’t quite on point and the medium isn’t as good of quality as you wanted.  

Choosing the place to get your priceless memories printed can mean the difference between getting good, high-quality prints that last generations and getting prints that aren’t quite right and don’t last as long as you would like.

Professional prints from a professional lab offers you the ability to display, view and share your precious memories for generations to come. Professional labs are masters of their craft. This is all they do. A professional lab uses the best inks, papers and a variety of high-quality print mediums to ensure you get the best quality print possible.

Professional print labs use the best programs to make sure your images are sharp and crisp during the printing process. They take the utmost care with your images and package them to prevent them from being damaged during transport.

Ordering your professional prints through your amazing photographer would be your best printing option. They have a monitor that is perfectly calibrated to a professional print lab to ensure the colors are accurate. Your photographer will also know what size file needs to be sent to ensure your images aren’t distorted when printed. They have also already done the leg work for you in researching the most appropriate professional print lab.

Contact your photographer to order your prints. Let your family know they are loved, they belong, and you are proud of them by displaying their images on your walls!